Leonard's M & O Subway

The subway was originally built by Leonard's Department Store in 1963, connecting the store to its large parking lots on the edge of downtown. Originally, it consisted of one underground station beneath the store and four stations in the parking lots. Between 1962 and 1966, Leonard's acquired a total of 15 PCC streetcars from DC Transit in Washington, D.C. These had been manufactured by the St. Louis Car Company in the 1930s and 1940s.

Leonard's M&O Subway operated in Fort Worth, Texas, from February 15, 1963 until 1967 when the Tandy Corporation purchased the department store, its parking lots, and the subway.

In April 1982, the first PCC streetcar to run the line in 1963, "Leonard's Number 1", was saved from the cutting torch by a Tandy computer programmer and stored on a farm south of Fort Worth, where it remained for over 25 years. It was donated to the Leonard's Museum in 2007. On February 2, 2008, it was moved to a restoration location near Benbrook, Texas. Leonard's number one is now on public display in the lobby of Texas Capital Bank, Fort Worth (One City Place).



Car 4 on June 30 1970
Car 4 on June 30 1970






Replaced by the M&O Subway and its speedy access to downtown, the Leonards fleet of department store buses sits in storage in the summer of 1963.