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Fundraising / Member Recruitment

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

At the last meeting, TTC President, Mike Sullivan discussed the need for recruiting new members. Very few of us are "spring chickens," and as such it should be our top priority to actively invite our co-workers, fellow church-goers, and relatives to join us in our mission. It really can be a lot of fun, and the reward of seeing a piece of history restored to its former glory is truly gratifying!

While the TTC's current efforts to scrap the DFW Air-trans cars will generate a small amount of money at the scrap yard, it is also likely to cost us the majority of that profit in order to transport it for sale.

Members are strongly encouraged to propose any ideas they have for fundraising that could be achieved with minimal expense and to submit the contact information for any potential donors they may know of to TTC Secretary, Lee Lavell.

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