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Kids getting ready to tour an Interurban.Texas Traction Company educational programs provide a unique and informal way to learn about historic transportation in our area. Partnerships between TTC and schools can build greater understanding and knowledge of the unique role transportation played in the development of the north Texas area. A visit to your school or organization can foster both an understanding and appreciation of our shared local history. We have programs designed for both students and adults that are age related but would be delighted to tailor our educational services to meet the level and needs of your group.

Our programs for students consist of curriculum-based interpretive (hands-on) programs. They are carefully planned lessons that include; copies of documents, activity sheets, and models of transportation and ancillary units. These lessons have been prepared in conjunction with area schools and incorporate TAKS objectives in Social Studies, Math, Reading, and English. Our goal is to offer students a well-rounded educational experience that is infinitely entertaining! Our docents would love to visit your school and present a lesson based on your students' interests. Please contact us for more information on specific lessons.

We are currently working on adult programs to present to community groups in our area. Please call us for a list of topics or we will be glad to tailor our presentation based upon specific needs