Car #411 Restoration

The restored Parlor Car #411 made it to its permanent home in front of Burleson City Hall on Saturday, Oct. 6. Parlor Car #411 is the car that almost never was. In 1918 the North Texas Traction Company ordered four special first class cars to be trailers for four of their regular cars between Fort Worth and Dallas. At the last minute, they decided to order a fifth car which was to become Car #411. These two car sets ran on a high speed commuter trip between Fort Worth and Dallas for many years as an extra cost, no stop express service at a rather high ticket price (for the day) of $1.80 each way.

The car that provided the power and the first unit of the train set was Car #25 which is now on display beside the T Station in downtown Fort Worth. When the service was withdrawn about 1933, an individual purchased three of the cars and arranged them as a summer residence at Lake Worth. They were well cared for and when the family decided to sell them in 1996, the T purchased the #25 and #411 to restore. Later, #411 was sold to the Burleson Historical Society and is now on public display just a few feet from the old depot, where it used to run.

Burleson now has two cars on display, including Car #330 (built in 1903) which is the oldest remaining interurban car of any type in Texas and is sitting beside the last remaining Interurban Station on the Fort Worth to Cleburne line, a station it faithfully served three times a day until the line closed in 1932. It has now been joined by one of the last of the classic wooden cars of that same era. This unique set gives the City of Burleson the largest single collection of cars from the great Interurban Railroad that served seven counties in North Texas for nearly 50 years. One of the largest collections of railroad memorabilia of that era is on display inside Car #330. 












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