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The Texas Traction Company collection includes published and unpublished material about historic transportation in our area. The primary function of the library and archives is to support our research for restoration and preservation of our collection.

We are in the process of working with McKinney Avenue Transit Authority to compile oral histories of transportation workers in our area. This is critical since many of these persons are advanced in years and may not be available much longer. If you know of anyone who might be interested in offering an oral history or donating any artifacts to our library, please feel free to contact us. Some photographs are now available to view online. Select the links in the menu to the left to view some of these images. Some people who have donated historic pictures have specifically designated that they not be copied. These are available for viewing only.

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Fort Worth Street Cars
Fort Worth’s first street car line was built in late 1876 after the Texas & Pacific Railroad had stormed into town that summer. The immediate impetus for the line was the god-awful traffic jams on the main thoroughfares that came with “boom... continued...
Leonard's M & O Subway
The subway was originally built by Leonard's Department Store in 1963, connecting the store to its large parking lots on the edge of downtown. Originally, it consisted of one underground station beneath the store and four stations in the parking... continued...
Tandy Center Subway
Originally built by Leonard's Department store in 1962, the Tandy Corporation purchased the department store, its parking lots, and the subway in 1967. The corporation built its headquarters, the Tandy Center, on the site in 1974. Although it... continued...